Fake I.D.

time is racing, still you crawl you try to stay ahea, but you will fail and you wiill fall -still you crawl- life is flashing, right in front of your face hopeless victim, you threw your life away you will fail you will fall you lost all control, your running out of breath you try and solve your problems as you beat yourself to death you open the door to another year, another nightmare and another fear stained with hate-crip-pled by a violent reaction reach the point of no return, way to late to ever learn when you die your soul will burn you will fail and you will fall, up around you built a wall you will fail and you will fall addiction is no self control, break you, take and rape your soul dying is your only goal you cannot turn your life around, at the edge your looking down in your own blood you will drown fallen angel, who fell because of greed i won't help you through your time of need i won't help you through your time of need

Who Asked You?

your words are clear and sharp as knives, can't tell us how to live our lives respect your message and your thoughts, your forced opinion can't be bought tell me that my way of life is something out of wack what I eat and wha I drink, your acting like it's crack forcing me to see your way will never be the key you'll never really understand just how I want to be already confused by mass media hype won't bow down to yous set way of life won't preach about life's rights and wrongs if we don't see it your way you say we don't belong who asked you to run my life wand who the fuck are you to me it ain't righ don't tell me I don't belong, don't tell me that my way of life is wrong stay the fuck out of my life!

Falling Down

I feel down again, I failed again, I lost again but I will get up again I've been down before and with no help I fight this war I"ll just keep on coming back for more with no help I fight this war there's gotta be another way to deal with the pain but if I'm gonna face the struggle gotta deal with the strain looking for a way out's not that easy to do but i know inside my head that i will get myself through once upon a time i was living a lie, to to live another day was like a needle in the eye i will struggle harder, i will struggle till the end i cannot will not fall down again I WILL NOT FALL DOWN AGAIN(4x) i will not fall down again, i will not betray myself again i will not fall down again, i will not betray myself again

Waste Of Time

wasted so much time pursuing dreams i thought were mine if i could, i know i should, i'd leave it all behind scars left in my heart to match the scars left in my mind and still i keep on searching but for what i'll never find life is how you make it, well that a s fuckin lie i'm sick of trying to fake it, i'm sick of trying to try you tried to show me love but you were only in my way it seems as if my minds made up with nothing left to say depression hits me like a ton of bricks, i keep on searching for another fix i never thought that life would be like this why stop it just won't end till the day i fuckin drop you can't feel the pain that i keep going through you don't see it there is nothing you can do..

Taxi Driver

driving downtown sick to my guy my best friends twelve and she's a s slut obessive need the will to stab, window to the world is my yellow cab rotting apple, filthy scum, stench of piss and shitty bums drive forever, streets of porn, view of my life after the storm silent rage fills the air, rear view mirror, backward stare confused path no release from the slime, but one day i'll have my time alone in my unhealthy way, poison destruction ends today vigilante fire burns my soul tension, fear and hate take their toll i will now take my vengeacne stained glass tainted vision, i'm sick of surroundings all my sanity ends in collision, politican-victim-assassins poundings

Hate Control

i feel so much hate, i never knew how much pain it could creat the pain burns deep in my soul, living life but i could never feel whole how can i replace, all the shttered dreams that always blew up in my face i can't take it anymore, this is not a state of mind, it's a fuckin war i was young but i was restless at heart but deep inside i always felt so ripped apart and now i try to stop living this way but i just can't seem to throw it away Can M y Soul Be Saved(3x) i just can't find my way out of this self made hell its hard to live your life when, you can't play your roll to well it's tough to live toyr life when you find yourself at the bottow of a hole i will never find my out, Oh God please cleanse my soul I've tried so hard not to live a life so full of lies i've been around and i've seen it all through different eyes i can't explain what its doing to my health and it walways make me wonder if i'll ever find myself it's hard to love when all you've been was pushed aside i can't control all this hate I seem to feel inside i can't explain what its doing to my healt and its always makes me wonder if i'll ever find myself

See You In Hell

always on my fuckin case how much more can i bare, never givin me a chance it's just not fare but i don't care never tried to help me out, to me its no surpise behind my back you put me down, a cheap disguise, in my eyes since day one, i had no one, i get by on my own got this far with out your help by myself all alone you're not my friend i don't need you, just stay out of my way no matter if i'm right or wrong its not your place to say lost faith in myself, lost trust in you my friend so filled with disgust, so i'll see you in the bitter end nothing but a fake you let you're true colors show what you're true colorsshow what you're all about, i thought i knew but now i know it didn't take long for the truth to come out, time and time again you always filled me with doubt so why the hell you tryin to be something that your not og to hell you stupid fool i hope you fuckin rot you were always out for yourself, never out for your friends always tryin to be, always followin trends what you're really about now i know it well well this is the end so i'll see you in hell I'LL SEE YOU IN HELL!!!!!!!!!

Self Destruct

way before the birth of man, the world was doomed with ma master plan all life will end in pain and suffering, the sounds of death will never be so deafening the time will come and none will survive, you will feel yourself burining alive the end will come and all life will cease, this world will be at war instead o fpeace the earth is dying from a form of depression, all the people suffering of fatal aggression i try to explain but you don't unbderstand this worl will be destroyed by the maker's hand is this the thought we all dread this is the vision in my head its time we all pay for our sins, you'll feel the hate when it begins unanswered prayers turn to raging nightmares, power hungry greed will end in full-scale warfare choke on tears of blood as they race down your melting face as memories of life will soon start to erase this world will self destruct