Avenged Sevenfold Interview

Q. so what's everyones name..age..and..what do they do for the band? how and when did the band form? how did u all get into hardcore?

A .Matt Wendt-bass 18, Zack Baker-guitar 18, Matt Sanders-vocals 18, The Reverend Tholomew Plauge 19-drums.The band formed in the summer of 99'. Me and Matt Wendt have loved hardcore for years and decieded we wanted to start the band. We made a few songs and put out a demo to see what people thought of it. We have gained some great support, now we look forward to putting out a full length and playing some fun shows.

Q. what is the name of the band and were did it come from? does it have a meaning? if so what?

A. The name of the band is Avenged Sevenfold. It came from a passage in the Bible. It basicly means that when you die you are punished for your sins sevenfold (which means seven times ). Thats a pretty shitty thing to have happen so we figuered that since the band doesn't talk about to many positive subjects that it would be appropriate.

Q. any of you in side bands? if so what's the name?

A. Zack is in a band called M.P.A. They have been around for a while playing shows in Orange County. I am possibly going to play in a hardcore band called End Most. The Reverend currently is playing in a crazy, musical project of his own. The band doesn't have a name yet.

Q. does the band have an x-members? if so who and why did he/she leave the band?

A. No.......we hope to have the same members for a long time. We are all very good friends.

Q. has the band played out of state? if so any road stories?

A. No. Like I said, the band only started less than a year ago, but we are planning a west coast tour for this summer.

Q. what do u think was ur best show so far? why?

A. Our best show ever was in Walnut at their City Hall. It went off, and we played with Upperhand and Torn in Two. Two great bands. It was really alot of fun.

Q. what do u think was ur worst show so far? why?

A. All of our shows are fun. We don't care what the situation is, we just go out there and play our music.

Q. what does ur band have out as of now?

A. We have a 3 song demo out now.

Q. do u have any think in the works such as a demo, 7in, comp, etc....?

A. We are currently working on recording a song for Josh which is going to be on the next compilation from Sadistic Records. Everyone should pick it up, it's going to be a killer comp. Also, we are putting our songs together and making everything tight so we can eventually get a full length out there.

Q. is anyone in the band sXe, vegan or anything along those lines? if so why?

A. No. Knowone in the band claims or is anything.

Q. does anyone in the band have any political views on animal rights, abortion, or what not? if so explain?

A. We all have our views and they are all different. We don't really touch on any of those points in our songs. We basicly write about our feelings more on an emotional level. However I am feeling that day is what I write about. So political stuff never really comes up.

Q. i think that about covers it...so if what to give any shoot outs sayem..

A. We'd like to thank Josh Sadistic for putting us on his comp. and sending out our demos to Long Island and New York for the exposuer. We appritiate it. You got a great label. Also we want to thank our fans and friends that come to every show and support us. We love you guys. You can check us out at Avenged Sevenfold soon to be Avenged Sevenfold.com. E-mail me if you want a free demo cd. at hrdcornfmly@aol.com