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"it was the winter of 1993, when we first got back together.. dave, joe and i had a band that dated back to about 1989 called false pride, our old singer, a good friend named mike westerlund was on leave from the navy, and we just decided to do a little re-union practice.... we brought joe's little brother mike with us too, we had a blast that day, and we wrote a new song... we liked it a lot but knew westerlund couldn't stay to keep a serious band going, he had to get back to the navy. so we asked joe's brother mike to sing for us.. at 14 he had a really good voice and it was exactly the style we wanted... so we kept at it, and wrote 9 songs in the course of about two months, we fattened up our live sets with old a.f and sheer terror covers and sometimes we'd do hard times from cro-mags.. our the course of the past 6 1/2 years we've probably played about 500 shows- with all different types of bands all over the north-east.. and the love and support we get from everyone is what keeps us going.. our attitude towards is basically just love for the music, not fashion, toughness, or status.. it's four guys who are brothers. "

soon there will be bio's of each member of the band so check band for that...

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