Sadistic Records



here is the track list, with the order it will be on the comp... keep in mind these bands are from all over the us and some are even from canada and you proably haven't heard of half these bands...but you HAVE to check it out...these bands are all hardcore and or metal bands..most of them are not on this if your into that style you should pick this cd up. for any info on buying and or distroin the comp please e-mail josh for more info.

  1. . CRAIG- thats what friends are for
  2. . IN REPLY- begin
  3. . SOCIETY'S DOWNFALL- retribution
  4. . AVENGED SEVENFOLD- lips of deceit
  5. . REDLINE- distance kept
  6. . DENIED REALITY- tragic decision
  7. . NEAR THE END- feeling foolish
  8. . RESORT TO FORCE- everlasting game
  9. . FIGHT TO SURVIVE- youll get yours
  10. . EMBRACE THE END- deceived
  11. . BENEATH THE REMAINS- quest of the lost souls
  12. . GUN IM MOUTH- no desire to care
  13. . PROCLAIMED- battlefield
  14. . BORN TO THIS- post negative development
  15. . SIDE EFFECT- my world war
  16. . AVENGED SEVENFOLD- welcome out at night
  17. .TENSION*- sleepwalk
  18. . DENIED REALITY- visions of chaos
  19. . NEAR THE END- a delightful hoax
  20. . SUBTERFUGE- too strong
  21. . DISCERN- for your love
  22. . SHALLOWS- reflections of failure
  23. . NEW GROUND- backlash
  24. . KILLSPORT- bleached
  25. . KILLSPORT- common bond