This interview was done with Chimaira over the computer...they are from Ohio...most of the members have been in big bands before so they are definitely worth checking out they have a cd out soon on East Coast Empire Records so check that out if you can

Q. So what's everyone's name, age, and what do they play?

A.Mark=22, manipulation

Lloyd (Rob L.)=21, bass

Andy=20, drums

Jason=27, guitar

Chris=18, electronic stuff

Rob=20, guitar

Q. How did you guys all find each other?

A. Jason=I met Mark through Skipline while I was in Ascension, I was unhappy playing bass in Ascension so I quit. Me and my friend Jason Genaro got a hold of Mark while he was living in Cincinnati to see if he would sing. He moved back and we hooked up.

Mark=I was found by Hager, and Jason Genaro our previous drummer. I found AE our original bassist, he told me about Rob.

Rob=I was found by Mark. Then I suggested a different drummer for the sound I was trying to achieve with the band, the guys agreed, we got Andy.

Lloyd=One of my old bands played with Chimaira during summer of '99, so im assuming thats how my name came up in the first place. About a month later the Andolz and Hunter told me that AE would be leaving and that they wanted me to audition.

Chris=My old band use to practice next door to Chimaira. Old band broke up I joined Chimaira.

Andy=I was in a band with Rob back in the day. I heard a sample of what Chimaira was trying to achieve, I took the offer and we quickly began writing material.

Q. How long has the band been together?

A. Jason=A year and a half.

Q. Since the start of the band has there been any x-members?

A. Mark=Jason Genaro was our original drummer, and Andrew Ermlick was our original bass player. Jason left to start a project with the rest of the guys from Ascension, Andrew (AE) left to go to school.

Q. Is anyone in any side bands? if so what band?

A. Mark=Andy and I are in a band called Fritz' Rockin Duo. We have a 7' coming out this spring on Ramskull Records.

Lloyd=Im also in a death metal band called NunSlaughter, and in the future, time permitting, I plan on starting a little grindcore project for the sole purpose of recording crappy little 7's, just for shits and giggles.

Andy=Besides Fritz', I've done everything from college orchestras to steel drum bands.

Q. Was anyone in a band before this one? if so what band?

A. Jason=I was the original bassist of Ascension.

Chris=I played bass in a band called Fromandafly.

Rob=Guitar in Sanctum. Drums in Common Thread.

Mark=I used to play guitar for a band called Skipline. I played drums for a metal band called Sacrifix. I have also been known to write my own ambient and noise music, or go into the studio and do entire songs by myself.

Andy=I was in a band called Sanctum.

Lloyd=I've been in so many bands it's ridiculous.

Q. Where did the name of the band come from? and does it have a meaning or is it just a name?

A. Mark=Chimaira is a Mythological creature consisting of many animals forming into on beast, just like us. There are several spellings of the word, and we chose this spelling because it also can be translated to a different meaning. It means and unreachable dream... a fabrication of the mind. If you read our lyrics you can understand why that additional meaning was chosen.

Q.What's the best and worst show you guys have ever played?

A. Jason=Worst show was Syracuse because the crowd hated us for not being Christian, thats not very Christian like is it...Best show was AE's farewell show, it was truly an amazing experience.

Mark=Worst was Syracuse with Zao, best was Clevo with Zao the next night.

Rob=Worst Syracuse, best Clevo with Zao.

Andy=Syracuse was the worst, Clevo with Zao or Ascension was the best.

Loyd=Clinton Mass.: both best and worst for various reasons.

Chris=I've only played 3 shows with these guys ..can't really say as of yet.

Q. What do you guys have out as of now?

A. Mark=Our debut ep "this present darkness" hits 01.11.00. It is on East Coast Empire Records.

Q. Is there anything new in the works such as a 7inch or full length?

A. Mark=We are writing a full length now. Who know when it will get recorded.

Q. Are any of u sXe, or vegan? if so for what reasons?

A. Mark= I am not concerned with answering questions like that, I live my life the way I see fit, our music is for people to decide whether or not they like us, we don't push anything we do on anyone.

Chris= Nope.

Rob= We are cobbXedge.

Andy=I like prime rib and high-roller beer, but if a person can go their whole life without it, more power to them.

Lloyd=I have my vices.

Jason=I am a depressed individual who is trying to survive life, kind of hard to be straight edge...

Q. Do you guys have any political views or something your guys fight for?

A. Jason=I am pretty conservative, the only political view I really support is the Death Penalty. I basically follow republican view points, except I am against animal testing.

Mark= The only thing I fight for is inner peace and constant battles with depression. I really have no views on politics. I can say I will never support a country that kills an entire race to take over a country, has had a history of racial segregation, spits on there war hero's or lies about things like the assassination of a president.

Chris= I'm not very political. Only thing I stand for are the underdogs.

Andy= Definitely fighting depression and for a sense of usefulness. Our music is very personal and emotional, we are not out to "fight the machine."

Rob=No comment.

Q. What bands do you support?

A. Mark=Any band trying to make it, and that has a serious approach on the matter. Some of the bands I am listening to right now are Korn, Durty Mac, Pale Creation, North Meadow Park, Fear Factory, Descension, Machine Head, Morbid Angel, Candiria, All Out War, Slayer, Uncle No, The Lucky Strikes, Ringworm, Incubus, Creed, Staind, Odious Sanction, Savatage, Mushroomhead, Snatch, Integrity, NIN, Marilyn Manson, Cannibal Corpse, Groundzero, Deicide, At the Gates, Brujeria as well as a hundred others.

Lloyd=I'm into a lot of underground death metal and grind like internal bleeding, embalmer, dying fetus, incantation, schnauzer, exhumed, hemdale, etc.. However, that is not the extent of my musical interests and I pretty much support any band that is out there trying to get their music heard, no matter what style.

Rob=Bloodlet, Hed Pe, Cannibal Corpse.

Jason=I am into the new metal sound, hardocre and death metal suck nowadays. I have yet to hear a good band in HC or death metal come out in a very long time. I will support bands that try hard, as long as there not assholes or lazy. Every huge band started out small, and would be nothing without the support of another band. We have yet to find that band that is supporting us, so we are doing everything on our own.

Andy=Alice In Chains, Dream Theater, Machine Head, Creed, Days Of The New, Fear Factory, At The Gates, Slipknot, Durty Mac.

Q. Have you played out of state yet? if so do you have any road stories?

A. Mark=Yes we have played out of state. My best memory was locking our bass player out of the van in the middle of NY, or Pilot (its some redneck gas station in PA that you can shower at or by cowboy boots whichever you prefer), or driving 12 hours to Massachusetts to play for 10 minutes that was really swell!

Rob= All the time spent in the van is where it happens. When I forget my chastity's game over.

Jason=Some girl busting her hand on some guys head was pretty neat, and Lloyd and Moody dressing up as cowboys at Pilot was cool, all the raping of each other that took place in the van.

Andy=I always drive so I hate that, but the trip and hangin with the dudes is the absolute greatest. What I hate is that you get paid about 1/10 of what your expenses are.

Chris=We saw some amazing mullets on our travels. I'll be prepared next time with a camera to capture these precious moments.

Lloyd=Watching Jason running around the Pilot parking lot making fun of truck drivers was pretty amazing.

Q. If it weren't for the band what would you be doing now?

Chris= Working full time at Pilot and getting my learn on.

Mark= I would be dead.

Jason=I would be dead as well.

Rob= Doing what i am doing now, working at Pilot.

Lloyd=I honestly don't know. Its a scary thought because im sure whatever id be doing right now wouldn't be good.

Andy= School, being even more lonely.

Q. Ok am out of questions gotta any closeing statements sayem?

Mark=Thanks for your time, and support!

Lloyd=thanks for the interview. Ribs!

Andy=Thanks for the interview.


Rob=Thanks pal.

Chris=Thanks friend.

you can get in contact Chimaira by e-mailing the following... or and you can(must)go to there web site for a lot more info at Chimaira