craig interview with Tom, Matt and Ricco:

Q.what's the name of ur band and where did it come from?

A. (ricco)craig. no need to say anymore. but if you really want to know you have to sleep with the whole band and sacrafice a artificial limb in the name of craig. (matt)- craig is sick son...(tom)- no comment

Q.was there another name before this one and if so what? and why the change?

A. (ricco)its always been craig and it will always be craig. (matt)- unless we come up with something cooler... (tom)- no comment

Q. who's in the band and what do they do?

A. Tom on vocals, Paul on bass, Ricco on guitar, and Matt on drums

Q. is anyone in any side bands?

A. Tom and Matt are in Long Endured, Tom's also in Arise w/myself and others. Ricco and Paul start a new band everyweek or so..right now theyre trying to bring back grunge.

Q. are any of you x-members of a band and if so what band/s?

A. (ricco)Im from all sorts of bands..non of them really broke up though so i guess im not an x member of anything. Paul is from a bunch of punk bands. Tom and matt are still in their jams so its all good.

Q. how long have you guys been together?

A. (ricco)old craig was the begining of spring till the end of summer. New craig has been together for about a month and a half. were better now though. tighter. angrier. heavier and more evil. (matt) - sick sick sick

Q. since the start has there been any x-members?

A.(ricco)Ha, this kid tony was our old drummer. That was original craig when we relied on more high wierd noises as opposed to our current mix of low and high evil. Tony was cool, but he has a terrible drug habit and we couldnt stand it anymore...the band broke up after that. Then we said fuck it, lets bring in matt cause hes sick at drumming. craig is to evil... an entity that cant be stopped by one man.

Q. have you guys played any out of state shows?

A. not yet, we still need to play alot more locals first. Scott from Lariat said when ever we wanna play albany and upstate hell put us on the shows though so keep an eye out for us. (matt)- we could have outta state shows- but there's no point since our demo aint out yet...

Q.whats the best/worst show so far?

A. a local one was one knew the parts and we didnt have demos so i guess that sucked. Everyone said were sick though, as long as others tell us that evil flows in our veins ill be happy. (matt)- Im not evil...(tom)- I am

Q.what does everyone do outside of the band?

A. school. (ricco)Matt and Tom are busy doing their college shit, i go to art school, and Paul is a professional burnout. actually were all pretty burnt...(matt)- and I dont even smoke...(tom) I like watching soft-core porn while eating twizzlers...

Q. how did u all meet?

A. (ricco)paul and i used to live down the street from each other when we were little, then he moved(i thought he went to oregon or some shit like that) but about last year we started hanging out again and playing music nonstop. I knew Tom from elementary school but i wasnt really friends with him untill i started going to the LE(long endured) shows. I met Matt through Tom and Justin(LE). I like to think that our love of sick shit and pure unadulturated evil brought us together. (matt)- I dont know what he's talking about...

Q. what bands do you support?

A. (ricco)anyone that supports us. nah, ill support any bands that lyrics actually mean something. not just stupid shit about drinking beer and how much better everything was before the 90s. i fucking hate all that oldschool rules shit. dont get me wrong i got most of my inspiration from bands like old earth crisis, Gorilla Biscuits and Chain of Strength, but i hate bands that say the scene was better when they dont know shit cause theyre about a year older than me. I also hate tough guys, actually i hate alot of things. Were tight with alot of bands though so iv got love for them.(tom)- I LOVE INSIDE!!! (matt) tom's a fag...... and whats wrong with lyrics about drinking beer???

Q. do you guys have any political views or something your guys fight for?

A. (ricco)Me and paul are vegetarians and are for animal rights. I strive for unity amongst those who want it and not just preach bulshit. Alot of hardcore kids ruin the scene for themselves and them complain about how theres no shows on long island anymore and other nonsense. If you want real unity you have to lay down your artificial thoughts and embrace the fact that everyone is different. and Paul likes to think he knows about the government and their conspiracies...and im sure even a few of his ideas are right but whos gonna belive a pot head? (matt)- I like eating meat and getting ripped...

Q.what do u guys have out as of now ?

A. "Fall to your blood" demo will be out soon. and we should be apearring on a few other comps. (matt)- I dont like the cover

Q. do you have anything in the works?

A-what did i just say?

k i think thats it am out of questions....if u got any closing statements sayem?

A. -...................craig... (matt)-- CRAIG!!! (tom) word...

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