Q.so what's the name of ur band? does it have any meaning or is it just a name? if there is a meaning what does it mean?

A.The name of the band is domain. God i wish there was some story or meaning behind it but there isn't.We can't change it eventhough we really want to. We are too stupid to think of a good name.

Q. for people who have never heard your band before how would u explain ur style to them?]

A. Our style is hard to discribe. All of our songs sound different.We have all different parts in our songs that come from all of our diverse influences. The closest thing I could say we sound like is metal-core but with some melody,very catchy riffs, totally not generic.Something different.

Q. so what's everyones name? age? and what do they do for the band?

A. I'm Greg March I play drums 19, Brian 19 guitar, Ron 23 guitar, Jeff 21 bass, Jeremy 19 Vocals.The Majority of the music is written by me and brian, Ron writes as well some of the time, and Jeremy writes his own words.

Q. how did u all meet?

A. I've known Brian since fourth grade. We played our first gigs together.We both met jeremy at high school. He used to be in a 80's metal cover band.He used to dress up and put paint on his face. It was funny.We used to make fun of him because he took it real serious.Jeff was a friend of a friend of a friend and when he heard we needed a bass player he called us up and we let him in.Ron is a funny story. He was a crazy guy who would play guitar at this local music store and he happened to be a friend of our friend who worked there.He used to tell us that he was in Morbid Angel ,DI and shit. One night he came to see the orignal line-ups last show. While I was in the van on the way to the show we started talking.He did not shut up. At one point some shitty song came on the radio like Dokken and he turns to me and says " yo bro I could never write a song about fucking a girl but I could write a song about killing one" .Then he says "yo bro I want even want to fuck girls I want to desecrate them, desecrate,desecrate desecrate."When he heard that we needed a guitar player he wanted in. So we let him in the band not knowing that he was the crazist mutha fucka we or anybody else had ever encountered. He also gets paid by THe government to stay out of society.

Q. since the start of the band has there been and line up changes if so for what reasons?

A. domain started in JAN of 99. We had another version of domain earlier but what i consider to be domain started In JAN of 99.We couldn't find a stable bass player until Jeff called us up.We had fill in bass players who were our friends who would just do us a favor.The other version of domain doesn't sound anything like we sound now.I don't even consider that Domain.The other two members of the very early line-up were into 80's metal so me, Jeremy, and Brian stopped getting along with them.One moved to Colorado to do whatever and the other guitar player is more into jazz so he sits in his room and plays with himself(alot).

Q. has ur band played any out of state show? if so do u have any road stores?


Q. what has been ur best show so far and why?

A.our best show was when we played the medford VFW. There were tons of kids at that show. Every single one of our friends were there. Kids went nuts. I remember looking around me and seeing kids all over the place.All of my friends were like "yeah rockstar". There were a ton of girls there as well. Definitaly our best show.

Q. what has been ur worse show so far and why?

A. When we played with Comin' Correct. We sucked so bad kids walked out. We played a few bad shows back then. But back then we didn't have our shit together, now we do. Now it is a completely different band.I have a hard time with our name because we are so different now then a year ago.It's not the same band at all.

Q. what does ur band have out any demos, t-shirts etc?

A. We have a three song demo out and we will be on the next Sadistic records comp. Sorry no t-shirts but we are making our own brand of tampons.

Q. what are u fav bands to play live with?

A. Any band who wants to play with us. Any band who can draw lots of people I'm down with.I'll play with anybody.

Q. what type of music are u all into (list bands)?

A. We all listen to Metal like Slayer, Pantera, Sepultura.My favorite band right now is NECK. I love integrity, neglect, (old) misfits, bad brains. I also listen to non-heavy music like the smiths,joy divison,DJ shadow, Depeche Mode. Jeff is a complete Metal-head.He likes death, glam,black, grind-metal all that shit.Jeremy listens to metal-core like turmoil and all out war etc. but he also listens to alot of rap and Brian listens to Shai Hululd and everything else everybody in the band listens to and he also listens to alot of that prog rock like RUSH and Dream Theater and all of that crap. RON hardly listens to music. He listens to Guitar players like steve vai and shit.I kid you not.I know he liked Fear Factory, and VOD, and Hatebreed but he'd rather listen to GnR.CrAzY rOn.

Q. is anyone in ur band in anyside bands if so which bands? or was anyone in a nother band before this one?

A. Me and brian are in this little emo thing called jimmy smash.We haven't played a show yet or anything. Jeff was in Donald Dick. RON says that he did a tour of Europe with Morbid Angel as a fill in guitar player. He also said that he played with D.I. and a whole bunch of Floridian Death metal bands.

Q. is anyone in the band sXe, vegan or anything along those lines?

A. I was sXe when I was like 14-15 but not now nor are any of the rest of the band. We are just very evil people who do very bad things.

Q. does anyone in the band have any political views on animal rights, abortion, or what not? if so explain?

A. We all eat (and love) meat. I personally believe that animals were put here on earth for our personal benefit so why not eat them. All that animal rights crap is retarded. I think that abortion should be 100% LEGAL. It's a women's body let her choose what she wants to do with it. Besides if I get some groupie knocked up I'm sending her straight to the clinic.(HAHA)

Q. ok am out off questions...got anything u want to say

A. Yo big shout out is goin' out to my woman JaN,The NFC,J booty,Mike Beato,and Josh from sadistic.Be on the lookout for that sadistic comp coming out real soon.!!!!!