Denied Reality is a new band to hit the West Coast hardcore scene. They have only been around since Sept. 1999 but the members have been around the block musically and through life. 3 of the members where in a hardcore punk band named Bulge for a number of years. Those members are Kieth on Drums, Mark (Carcass) on bass and Stan lead vocalist. The band catered to more of a punk crowd and never crossed over to the hardcore scene. There accomplishments range from playing a good number of small to big shows to releasing an 18 song CD on there own DIY label. Bulge has also done film work for New Line Cinema. They appeared as the party band for American History X. The members of Bulge just want everyone to know they are not white power. Unfortunately their band broke up at the end of 1998 due to personal reasons. Stan struggled to get a new project going for almost a year. Still keeping in touch with the band members Stan hit up Keith to start a new project. Stan was also talking to his old friend Jason who at the time was jamming with Das Klown. Jason just returned from a European tour when he received a phone call from Stan. Jason enthusianstically joined Keith and Stan on their new project. Now the only missing link to the band was a bass player. They tried out numerous bass players but no one could fill the spot until Mark (Carcass) moved back to the area and eagerly joined the band. Ever since then the band has been writing there best music ever. They have also crossed over into a harder edge style trying to attract a more positive scene. Denied Reality has recorded and is ready to release their music on Sadistic Records. They are going to be working on a comp with Josh. They are also hoping to release a split comp. with a NYHC band in the future.

check back for bio's of each band member soon