Denied Reality Interview

Q. So what's everyone's name, age, and what do they play?

A. Stan, vocalist 27, Jason guitarist 28, Mark (Carcass) Bass 24, Keith Drums 25

Q. How long has the band been together?

A.5 months with a full lineup.

Q. Since the start of the band has there been any x-members?

A We had the hardest time finding a bass player, We went through about 5 before Mark joined the band.

Q. Is anyone in any side bands? if so what band?

A Well Jason plays with a punk band called Das Klown on occasions, but those shows are rare. He also records with them when they need it. He is in a way a studio musician for them. His heart is with hardcore music.

Q. Was anyone in a band before this one? if so what band?

A Yes, Mark, Kieth and I (Stan) where in a band called Bulge for about 5 years. That band broke up over a year ago when the guitar player quit and Mark moved away. Then Mark came back and joined the new project. Right now we are called Denied Reality as long as the name is not copy righted by someone else we will keep it. I was in a band called Rejected Values before Bulge and Noise Pollution with Jason back in 92 tearing up the local backyard party scene.

Q. Where did the name of the band come from? and does it have a meaning or is it just a name?

A Jason came up with it. We all thought it sounded good. What the name means to me is anger and annoyance. People trying to tell me how to think and feel. People should fucking mind there own business and let people feel how they want. Its all about having an open mind.

Q.What's the best and worst show you guys have ever played?

A Well with Bulge we had a lot of problems. We where not in the hardcore scene. We pretty much catered to a punk crowd. In Orange County there has always been a nazis scene. Pretty much any show that a bunch of boneheads and nazis that should up was bad. The better shows where with favorite oldschool bands like Battalion Of Saints, Final Conflict, China White shit like that. And the best shows where the ones with other unknown garage bands that where our buddies just having a goodtime. At the time those kind of bands where a heavy influence on us.

Q. What do you guys have out as of now?

A We are going in the studio very soon to record a CD for Josh at Sadistic Records. Hopefully everything will pan out. Josh is a fucking really cool guy and he's already doing a lot to get our name out. Him and his label have been nothing but positive to us from day one. From the short time that I have known him I can tell he will be a bro for a long time to come. He's got really good bands on his label right now. Tension* rules. I can't stop listening to there CD's.

Q. How did you guys all find each other?

A I've known Jason for about 10 years and I've jammed with the other guys in Bulge for 5 years.

Q. Is there anything new in the works such as a 7inch or full length?

A We hope to do a split with a good band in NY. What ever Sadistic Records can hook us up with will be greatly appreciated.

Q. Are any of u sXe, or vegan? if so for what reasons?

A No I try to stay away from labels. I repsect other peoples choices as long as they respect mine. I mean right now in my life I am sober but I would never label myself straight edge. There are a lot of straight edge bands I like though.

Q. Do you guys have any political views or something your guys fight for?

A All I can say is I am Agnostic and try to keep my mind open. I pretty much say whats on my mind. I am kind of an advocate for children in a way. It all starts with the kids and if they have a fucked life from day one who knows what will happen to them. I've personally seen a lot of bad situations. I hate drug addicted mothers who are pregnant puffing crack, fucking on the BLVD. We have a song about that called Unproductive Reproduction. I also hate loosing good friends to hardcore drug abuse like heroin and speed. Other than that we sing about having a good time and hanging with friends.

Q. If we look at your personal cd's, demos, etc what would we find?

A when I was in Rejected Values I had a lot more negative outlook on life. we recorded a demo. Some of the songs where auto-biographical. At times I would hit some lows with drugs and shit. But thats all in the past. Things started getting better with Bulge. The music was very aggressive. The scene around us got hectic at times though. We where very close friends. Thats what kept me going.

Q. Have you played out of state yet? if so do you have any road stories?

A Bulge was starting to get out there, unfortunatly we broke up before any good traveling happen. Things will be different with Denied Reality.

Q. Do u have a favor place to play live?

A Well with Denied Reality we have yet to play. We just got our set going and are talking to bands right now about gigs. So in a few months ask me again and I will have an answer. We are looking to play up in the San Francisco area. They have a good scene out there.

Q. What bands do you support?

A I am pretty much new to the hardcore scene. So I am just starting to go to shows. I've checked out Built to Last a few times those guys are good. I know Scott the bass player in that band. I met him through Forced Life. I just went and saw Adamantium and Turmoil at the Showcase last night that was fucking good. I am going to support every hardcore band that comes through my town. Go to shows and buy there merchandise if I have the cash. Josh has turned me on to a lot of new music. There are a lot of East Coast bands that I would like to see and meet. But right now I am content with buying there merchandise.

Q. What are your hobbies outside the band?

A I like to get tattoos and play bass. I work a lot so its either work or a band thing. Right now I don't see my bandmates much outside of jamming. So to be honest I don't know what they are up to. They seem happy so thats cool with me.

Q.If it weren't for the band what would you be doing now?

A Probably pulling my skin back and playing Playstation.

Q. Where do you see ur self in 40yrs?

A Hopefully finacially stable cruzing the globe with my woman, visiting new places.

Q. What was beenin the move"American Histroy X" like? got any stories?

A That was a great experience man. We where on the set for 3 days. We got to hang with Ed Norton and Ed Furlong. Those guys were trippers. Millinaires are wierd. Well the crazy stories where the parts that got cut out of the movie. There was a scene where this girl was riding this guy and people where slam dancing all around them on this dirty mattress. That was hilarius. Then there was a scene where this guy was making out with this girl on this couch. He got way into the scene and ripped off her shirt. Then everyone slam dancing around them started spitting fake beer all over her. She freaked out. Just shit like that. It was kind of scary at 1st because there where a lot of skins as extra's. But after talking to them we found out they where non-racist and shit. The days where long. We averaged about 18 hours a day on the set. The pay was fucking great. We also had our own trailer and can join the Screen Actor's Guild anytime. We meet some cool people and I saw some old friends. It was all good.

Q. Ok am out of questions gotta any closing statements say them?

A I just want to play gigs and help this hardcore scene grow. I am new to the scene but I am always hearing people preaching unity. It seems like something I really want to be involved in. Just want to say thanks to Josh at Sadistic Records.

Denied Reality mailing address
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