Dropshaft Interview

Dropshaft- " Original Hardcore/Metal band from NY, with young talent..heavy breakdowns, powerful vocals, innovative riffs & drums beats! " Q. So how did you come up with the name Dropshaft?: Steve- it came from a term in the star wars universe book. Dan Yes, but i think it has its own meaning to each of us... Q. What are the name's and ages of the members in the band?

John-vocals: age-19 Dan-guitars: age-18 Joe-bass: age-17 Steve-drums: age-18 Q. .Is or has anyone in the band been in any other bands?.....if so what band: Steve Joe, dan and I were in a band before this called explosive anguish and joe and I were in a band before that called the NoiseJunkies. Dan- i was also in a no-name band a long time ago, but that doesnt really count...lol Q. Are there any ex-members? Yes. Q. How did you all meet? Steve school, and we met john through someone we knew..Dan yea, online plays a big roll in everything too... Q. Is there any message in the lyrics or name of the band? Steve yes their are some messages in the lyrics. Danmuch of which you would have to think about... Q. What is your fav place to perform at live? Steve haven't found it yet, but most of the places we play are pretty cool I guess. Dan I like to play voodoo lounge, but only because its a Nice size...but i like anyplace that i know will be there for a while... Q. What bands do you all listen and or support? SteveCandiria, Neck, Sepultura, Coalese, Puya, Cipher, Indecision, Hatebreed, R22, Shai-Hulud and a lot of others it's too hard to name them for individual members.. Dan Yes, and i listen to a wide variety of bands like Led-Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Pantera, Slayer, Old Metallica, and all the bands steve said..thats just to name a few..Im a big Metal Head..lol..our bassist ( Joe ) is into/and makes a lot of electronical music also... Q. What was your best/worst show ever? Stevewell im sure their's gonna be plenty of good shows and bad shows in the future, but the best one we've played so far would probably be Dec.20th 98' at Cnote Cafe in Island Park w/ 25 ta life, Turmoil, Neck, R22 and At Odds. Danyea, that show had an awesome turnout. Steve As for the worst it would have to be Sept.17th 99' at the roadhouse pub. (it was a rather dull show and the sound sucked) Q. What does Dropshaft have out as of now? Steve absolutly nothing except for ourselves and some getto stickers, haha..Dan yea, we make patches too..we made a 5 song cd a while ago also, but we didnt put that out, bassically a closed case...so, as of now, we dont have anything out i guess. Q. Is there anything in the working like 7in, ep, demo, full-length, patches, etc....? Steve yes, there will be a demo out hopefully soon, and then a full length eventually..DanYea, and we will have other Goodies soon enough also...things will happen soon, right now we are going through a " Broke " phase.. Q. Any closing statements? Steve nope..Dan yea, not like no one has heard it before, but i just want to say that people on long island have to start doing things to help everyone....find places to play ( new venues ), book shows, spread word about bands, support peoples actions, And GO TO SHOWS!!! and i say start getting little kids into heavy music ( little brothers, their friends, etc..) hehe..that way we can "add more to the army" or something like that i dunno...But HELP, its the bottom line..later view there site by clicking here or e-mail them at Dropshaft@Hotmail.com