Force of Aggression Interview

this interview was done with chris from FOA over the computer check them out if ur in nj and if u have a chance go to there site

Free Life: so what's everyones name, age, and job in the band

Force of Aggression: Chris/15/Vocals - Tim/16/Drumz - Zack/15/Guitar - Barbara/16/Guitar & Steve/15/Bass

Free Life barbara u got a chick in ur band

Force of Aggression: Yes we do

Free Life: kids like look at ur band wierd because of that

Force of Aggression: Nope,not at all,we get that question alot. Not to many people find it weird,there are other bands out there like Indecision,Crisis,ect. that have chicks in there band. We are happy to have her in the band,she keeps us on our toes.

Free Life: so how did u all meet and become a band

Force of Aggression: Well Me,Zack and Tim meet a few summers ago around town and just jammed out one day. Then we had a few bassists befor Steve and all but he's with us know,meet him though our 1st bassist Anthony. And Barbara was recently added to the line-up and we meet her in school through my drummer Tim

Free Life: is anyone in side bands

Force of Aggression: Well,we are all sorrta messin around with other bands but nothin for real as FOA. Just for fun

Free Life: anyone in a band before FOA

Force of Aggression: Ummm,no,Not that I'm awair of . The band did brake up for a short while in witch i sang for another band called Death From Above but that's it.

Free Life: why the break up and then the reunion

Force of Aggression: The brake up was due to some probolums within the bands,to many fights and our sound wasn't what we wanted. But the reunion came because we missed the old group so we played out together and found out that the new stuff the band was writting was what we wanted and we just stayed back together. And I'm glad we did.

Free Life: when was ur first show ever, who was it with and how was it

Force of Aggression: Well,the band's first show was at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park,NJ and It was with Stargazer and some others. It was a good first show but the reunion back first show was a coffee house that we had at the highschool and it was insane. we played with Send 72 and Mindflip and some others but it was just off the hook. That was the begining of this school year. Sometime in September

Free Life: do u have anything out now like demos, 7in, etc

Force of Aggression: We put out a really bad demo in late 98' but that's it.We are recording our CD in mid-Feb. @ M-16 Recording Studios in Toms River,NJ {BIG UP TO MIKE} So that'll be the good releace for FOA

Free Life what bands does the band support

Force of Aggression: We support so many bands there is to many to list but...Our true boyz are 3rd Degree,..With Blood on our Hands,Send 72,NJ Bloodline,One-4-One,Redline,God Forbid and so many more

Free Life: yea 3rd dergree and with blood on our hands both fuckin rule not mention 141, redline or god forbid

Free Life: if u weren't in FOA what do u think u would be doing now

Force of Aggression: No clue man,supportin the scene I guess,if not that i would be a bumb. hahaha,the band's my life dude

Free Life: what does the name FOA stand for is there meaning or is it just a name

Force of Aggression: Actually..Force of Aggression was made up right befor our 1st bassist quit the band..He just thought of it and we kept it. No true meaning

Free Life: do ur lycris have a meaning and if so what

Force of Aggression: It all varies. I sing about the end of the world,my view on life and some songs have no meaning,but the words just rhyme. SO i use it.hahaha

Free Life: does the band have any views or what not

Force of Aggression: Well,not really..We play what we feel..Not really about anything special..We have views on alot things but not always useing them in our songs. Some we do

Free Life: are any of u sXe, or vegan or anything like that

Force of Aggression: Nope..we aren't sXe but we all don't do drugs or drink...Vegan,that's a differant story..We all eat meat and what not..but i support people to continue with there beliefs about it and what not but i couldn't do it.

Free Life: aight am ok of questions if u have any askem or just say a closeing statement

Force of Aggression: Well,I wanna thank you for the interview.I wanna say BIG UP to all our boyz in the ITE Crew,Our Families and the bands that have supported us over the years.. And that's it...Thanx again for the interview..take care.PEACE

Free Life: no prob anytime bro

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