This Interview was done with Josh from Sadistic Records in a chat one nite late on aol

Free Life: ok so whats ur name and what do u do

Sadistic Records: my name is JOSH and i work and i own sadistic records and also a distro

Free Life: what kind of label is sadistic rec like what kind of bands do u look for

Sadistic Records: sadistic records is a hardcore label. i look for bands that arent on a huge label and hopefully i can get them to a bigger label if the want to go that route..i look for any bands that have their heads on straight and want to make something of themselves , i cant do everything it has to be a 2 way street!

Free Life: so where is ur label home

Sadistic Records: santa barbara california

Free Life: nice and what have u released as of now

Sadistic Records: i just released the new Tension* 7 song ep called Hope for the best...Expect the worst which is blowing up all over the world from ca to ny to finland! and soon to be a lot more

Free Life: nice yea tension* is like one of the best bands ever

Sadistic Records: you got that right, Tension has got to be the best band around their style is so different from others... some of their songs make you want to go murder people! i love it.. they have some of the best talent i have seen with joe, jon, mike and dave... not to mention cool fuckin guys also they really have done a lot for me! i owe those guys a lot and i know they wont forget me when they are touring all over the world very soon

Free Life: but how does a cali label find out about tension*

Sadistic Records: well i was at deaj1 and i saw a video for sale and it had tension* on it i bought it and from there on i contacted them and we talked and the next thing you know hope for the best expect the worst is out!!!!!!

Free Life: so u have been to shows on long island and cali do u see a difference in like the pit or crowd involvement

Sadistic Records: oh my god.. it is a difference between night and day, kids in LI like doc , tim, kyle, and the man himself dave (cirexgod) kick kids straight in the face,and its like a kung fu movie , its fuckin nuts in strong island, i have been to deja1 a lot .before it closed down.. and kids in CA all they do is windmills and shit some do a little kickin but not like LI the shows are crazy here though we have way more stage divng than any city or state... but both scenes are different here is all sxe and li its not

Free Life: yea i know what u mean at LI shows it is like a kung fu move u got kids doing back flips and shit and the good things is that a fight like never breaks out

Sadistic Records: yeah i know kids here would get killed in the pits in li if doc, kyle , tim and cirexgod (Dave) came out here kids woulnt believe their eyes

Sadistic Records: li shows are so crazy its like bruce lee is alive again!

Free Life: yea i know and there are some good bands coming up like who's to blame, scary german guy, become one,

Sadistic Records: whos to blame, shallows of the mundane are great and a shit load of others and the 3 best band tension* , outrage and overthrow

Free Life: yea and outrage is back like outrage they are great i cant even explain them and cipher are the best bands to see live well besides tension* and whos to blame

Free Life: so what bands are big out in cali

Sadistic Records: the biggest ones are-Throwdown, adamantium, hoods, powerhouse, 18 visions, strife is back together, countervail, and one band that is going to blow up and be big and li kids will love is bulge but they might be changing there name.... they were the band in american history x , dressed as nazis but they arent.. im working with them now for a cd

Free Life: cool when do u think that will be out

Sadistic Records: well im currently and hopefully going to do 2 releases next at once, bulge a split cd with a band i still have to find hopefull a li band. and i was going to work with long endured (rip) very soon very soon

Free Life: yea its a shame long endured broke up they where really really really really good

Sadistic Records: yeah it is but shit happens

Free Life: hopefully at the show sat there last one they will get a good respond and stay together

Free Life: so this band bulge what are they like tell some more about them

Sadistic Records: ya never know , that show will be crazy well to start their singer (stan) is a really cool guy... you can see them in the movie american history x but their style isnt what you hear in that movie . very crazy sounding a little earth crisis vocals with fast and heavy shit going on.... hard to explain... but very good and im going to get them big on the east coast starting with strong island...and i will have videos of them and i will be sending them to james , doc and tension* so you can get their videos im sure for free or a couple of bucks at a long island show very soon with crazy footage and there demo will be out soon so start remembering BULGE COMIN STR8 OUTTA ORANGE COUNTY CALIFORNIA SOON TO BE ON SADISTIC RECORDS

Free Life: nice so when did u start getting into music

Sadistic Records: at a very early age music has always been a part of my life

Free Life: do u remember the first rec u ever bought

Sadistic Records: fuck , let me think i was 8 and i think it was beastie boys when they were hardcore punk

Free Life: o man thats old thats when them and murphys law played shows together

Sadistic Records: i know, i wish i could of went to those...

Free Life: so if we broke into ur home and looked at ur rec collection(cd's, demo's, 7in's..etc) what would we steal i mean find

Sadistic Records: besides hundreds of tension* cds haha, um you would find, overthrow, 516 comp, tension* forced life , candiria, madball, no redeeming social value , bulge, death threat, throwdown, hoods , a shit load of others and a lot of nyhc 7 inches like mindset shit like that and of course the 1st eazy e (rip) and a loaded tek 9 by the tv

Free Life: what was the first show u ever went to

Sadistic Records: beastie boys and i thought that was the craziest thing ever, but cant compare to a overthrow or a tension* show

Free Life: cool yea overthrow shows are always fun and tension* shows u gotta go to one it's like one big family party at there shows

Sadistic Records: crazy shit that no scene i think will ever have shows like out there in LI

Sadistic Records: when you got doc and cirexgod(dave) out there someone is going to get inured !

Free Life: yea dave is nuts that kid swings his arms like 50mphs and if u get hit ur out

Sadistic Records: i know dave is the man ( cirexgod) i got a arise shirt from him , it took him 2 months but i got it.. daves the man!

Free Life: cool..hey how did u go about finding about the underground scene

Sadistic Records: well how does anyone ya know , its the best music out there ya know,,, meeting people and one connect leads to another.......

Free Life: so you have been to shows on li and cali beening to both west and east coast shows u gotta have a funnest moment show like anything out of wack ever happen

Sadistic Records: yeah bro i was at a show out here man and some chick came up to me and started talkin to me , i guess she has seen me at a lot of shows and shit..and she said you wanna come back to my house cause she knew i had a long drive back, i was like yeah , and then it was on from there :) and that never happens

Free Life: thats it no like a kid getting thrown though a window or the 20 cops coming to close down a show cuz u where having fun

Sadistic Records: there are fights a lot at shows here

Free Life: cool same here but fights dont really happen anymore cuz a lot of kids keep everyone in check like if one seems to be breakin out kids will pull them away

Free Life: they show up at every show that Where u can come and go cuz kids hang out outside then like no joke 20 of them show up and u hear on there cb thing that some guy got thrown though a window and isnt breathing

Free Life: fights in cali when they happen does the club end the show or do they let it go on

Sadistic Records: na the show goes on bro

Sadistic Records: not sure about up north though im from southern ca

Free Life: cool same here but fights dont really happen cuz a lot of kids keep everyone in check like if one seems to be breakin out kids will pull them away .

Sadistic Records: yeah i hear ya.... its wack how the venues all get shut down in li

Sadistic Records: there are too many places to play here in cali

Sadistic Records: but on the other hand our crowds arent as crazy as li crowds

Free Life: i swear man its the fuckin cops and that inbeed fuck patcocky

Sadistic Records: yeah i hear ya

Free Life: they go around closeing all the drugs free clubs but dont shut down the rave clubs where there are drug bust almost everyweekend

Sadistic Records: that doesnt make sense at all but fuck em what can you do

Free Life: and am not tottaly for it but they fuck with animal rights kids too

Sadistic Records: yeah im not inot that at all never have been never will

Sadistic Records: i love to eat meat

Free Life: nah not even that like when they protest fur stores like there will be 20 kids and like 40 cops in gear

Sadistic Records: i know i know thats stupid

Free Life: and my town sucks nuts the firehouse wont let us rent it for a drug free hardcore show there like o no we use to have raves and drugs were there so no more youth stuff

Sadistic Records: they just dont undertand thats all

Sadistic Records: they see kids and they think trouble

Free Life: yea and the thing is they dont want to understand

Free Life: but u wanna hear somthing really fucked up

Sadistic Records: yeah whats up

Free Life: my grandma use to live at this vertan home and they let me get the hall cuz she lived there so i got some bands together then she passed away before the show was schudle

Sadistic Records: sorry to hear that bro

Free Life: and they told me i couldnt have the hall cuz my grandma didnt live there anymore

Sadistic Records: thats fuckin bullshit i would of been furious

Free Life: yea i was like what????

Sadistic Records: i bet

Free Life: i dunno am out of questions if u got any or any closeing statements says em

Sadistic Records: i just want to thank the man himself james... for the kick ass interview.... and my 2 websites will be updated a lot i have a new web designer that is the best comin str8 outta LI... so be lookin for updates... i also want to thank, Tension* and ron outrage for giving me inspiration for doing the tension* release .. and watch out for up and coming releases from SADISTIC RECORDS ....BULGE A SLPIT CD COMIN SOON

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