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Here is the link page to Metal, Hardcore and yes of course Emo....if u want a link added e-mail me with the info

18 visions these goth hardcore kids hail from cali and keep it real...the band is also a side band for some members in 7 day somber but the sound is different
3rd Dergee these kids just keep getting better and better....they play a sick metal/hardcore sound with nice beats and a sick kid on the mic..there worth checkin out
4in Tha Chamber one of the bronx finest these guys are a true NYHC band and keep it real...they play many long island shows so if u get the chance go and see them
Alterkation this nj band plays a metal style with a touch of hardcore...the site has tons of info on them
Arson sick band they hail for nj the band has kenny x-etown and the band sounds nothing like them there 10-times heavier
As We Once Were hardcore from the good old canada these kids are raw and tight if you ever see em watch out for a swing bass or guitar

Avenged Sevenfoldhardcore from cali..they have there own something u must check out. they have a 3 cd out demo now which in relly good..check out the page for more info on shows and the demo
Become one use to be standing 8 count but they have new members and have a tighter and rawer sound they are worth checkin out...the site has the standing 8 count info on it so e-mail become one here.for more info on shows and what not
Boy Sets Fire one of the greatest bands ever this is a band that makes you realize why hardcore will never be on mtv there are sick go and see them live if you have the chance they play the hardcore/emo style with amazing lyrics
Braid emocore these rock stars have parted ways from what i have heard but there good no matter what if you like mellow music check em out
Burn Victim brutal Phila. Hardcore

Candiria these jazz, blues, hardcore, heads are from the city(ny) and are sick there are nothing like you have ever seen or heard before
Carved In Stonebrutal hardcore from maryland unlike anything you would think all around good brutal music check em out they have sounds on there site that are worth checkin out

Chimaira this band hails from ohio there a new band with some of the x-members from ascension they have a heavier sound and are rawer...i haven't really heard much about em yet so my info is limited but there site is done well so check it out
Cipher god dam this band is amazing one of the best bands around right now they are one of those in your face bands they go nuts when they play they beat each other up half the time with there instruments during their set there a band you have to see live
Coalesce one of the greatest bands ever what can not be said about coalesce....they have parted ways but have one more cd due out soon...most of the members are in other bands but they sound nothing like coalesce
Compression these guys hail from maryland...they play in the nyc and long island area a lot and kids flip out for em so check em out there site has sounds
Confuzed punk rockers...these guy play the punk/hardcore style good there music is nice with good beats and tons of sing-a-longs
COUNTERPART hardcore from the uk my info is limited but the site has mp3 and more so check it out
Converge these guys and coalesce are the only two bands that i think had a big impacted on the whole hardcore scene they are raw and in ur face....there shows are always worth wild and insane
Cotton Weary emo this band has improved a lot i had the demo then got the cd and blown a way on how much better they have gotten.....if you like the that mellow kind of music then check em out there worth it
Dead On Impact i really can't say yet my info on them is limited but soon there will be something more here but there comin out with a demo dec 4th so hopfeully by then
Diesel awesome band they play tight and sick get band get dance beats all the times i have seen em tons of people where flippin out for em
Dillinger Escape Plan what else can i say about em...some people dont like there new ablum i dunno i do i still think there good anyway there site has tons of info so go there
Dopamiemy info is limited on them as well...but they should have all u need to know on there site so check em out
Dropshaft hell yea dropshaft rules there awesome you half to see them live just watch out for a swinging bass or guitar they go nuts at shows there music is insane as well
Dysphoria these guys are un-real to see live the whole place bugges out.....there hardcore/metal with tons of sick breakdows for sick pit action
E-Town Concrete E-TOWN rap-core from nj this is what rap-core should sound like....not like that gay korn and limp bizkit bull sh*t....there sick a must see live....they always have a good pit and get the people singing along
Error Type 11 this band has a different sound to it there like emo/hardcore and punk all in's good but different...there worth checkin out the site has tons of info
Force 4 limited info check out the site for more
Forstella Ford? Only Airplanes Count? emo power there awesome they have change there name and some members but the sound is about same
Glassjaw long islands finest the glassjaw great band they have been around for awhile and are final getting there dues
Hatebreed oh no these guys are sick unbelievable there one of the best hardcore/metal bands around they dont have pits at there shows it a freaking one man/girl for themselves knug fu fight you have to see them live
Hoods they hail from cali and play the in-ur face style of hardcore with tons of pill-ons and nice breakdowns
Ill Tempered sick band from nj there metal with sick deep vocs
Indecisionthe best band ever to come out of nyc they have had a serious impact on the scene....they are unreal to see live u can hardly hear arite sing do to the fact everyone there is singing along
Inner Dam metal insane death metal wack lyrcis and sick beats
Inside byebyebye inside it's a shame they part ways there new cd is one of the best cds out now...they are sooo good they make people who hate hardcore and emo give it a chance there a great band hopefully you got a chance to seem live...there music takes u to the point of where u want to cry
Jejune awesome emo with a chick lead singer there good with a nice sound and soft voice to go with the music
Joshuaa band from upstate ny there good they play the hardcore/emo style where there songs take you from crying to wanting to beat someone up....u should check em out if given the chance
Lariat wow these guys are sick they just started out and already have a fan bass....there a must see but seriously watch out for them when they play there instruments go all of the place
Last Days Of August all good things must come to an end and another great emo band dies....these guys where good really good outstanding vocals that went right along with the beat of the music
Long Endured metal/hardcore band from long island they don't have a web site as of yet but soon...but they do have e-mail so you can e-mail matt for info on show dates and how to buy there split cd with e-mail him and go to there shows cuz they rule

Lynchpin limited info on em site has all the info you'd need
Mad Circle everyones fav band not sure if there dead or just taken a break i have heard both but who knows when they did play they fuc*ed sh*t up there awesome with sick beats and breakdows you gotta go and buy there two cds
Mineral r.i.p....if there was a god of emo it would be mineral these guys are awesome they improved so much over the years it was lose to see em go....but most of the members are in other emo bands now
Misura hell yea metal from virginia beach these kids know what's up if you like brutal hardcore then check em out
MovieLifeemo/hardcore rockers these guys are sick there a band that you can listen to 100 times and not get sick of em there worth checkin out
near the endcanadain hardcore/punk of the best hardcore punk bands i have heard in years...there sound is something you should check of now they have 2 demos out...check there site for more info

Nec it's nec these guys are the best funny ass vocs and good gutair riffs
One4One these guys are great they have been around for awhile now and have always fuc*ed shi* up they keep it real check out there site for info on shows and what not
One King Down there old singer is back and they are rip up the scene even worse then ever
Outrage these guys are great they are back again playin shows and haven't missed a beat there shows are still filled with sing a longs as well as great pit can now e-mail the singer here for more info
Overcome un-like no other band there sick u gotta go to there site and check em out
Penfold nj's own inside...these guys are emo power they are awesome there songs if u listen to the lycris will bring up past times you wish to forget there a great band
R22 un real r22 is insane there one of the best metal bands around on long island go to there page for show dates and sounds and what not
Rabid Armadillos i wanna fu*k an ewok up his a*s hell yea the rabid armadillos these guys put on one hell of a show if you ever hear of a show with them playin will have fun
Redline these guys are the best they hail from nj but play long island and ny a lot there a great band to see live they play the brutal hardcore sound with deep vocals and insane beats
Reggie and the Full Effect this band is a side band for members of the get up kids and coalesce it's a emo sound with a twist
RUTHLESS limited info check the site for more
Scarab this band is great i haven't heard much about em lately they have a demo and 7in split they have a chick on the mic and she has one hell of a voice
Scary German Guy these guys are rippin the scene up they have a drum machine and have a sick hardcore sound with deep vocals
Send 72 another great hardcore/metal band from nj....there site has tons of sounds and there worth checkin out
Shutdown hell yea shutdown has been around forever there awesome there the one of the band that everyone goes nuts for
Silent Majority emo/hardcore sm has made it a long way and has improve a lot they are good and great to see live they are the coolest bunch of guys aswell
Skycamefalling these guys are METAL if one band from long island makes it too the metal fest next year it's gonna be them....they are insane and nuts
Snapcase there back for good hell yea theres nothing to say about em
Soicetys Down Fall insane old school hardcore band
Soul Sick these guys are startin to blow up they are awesome they have that metal/hardcore thing going
SouthpAw these guys are the best there the funniest and nicest bunch around they play and punk/hardcore style of music
Southtown hell yea new LIHC nutty hardcore these kids are young and know what's up they are in need of a drummer e-mail matt for more info also there singer matt is at every LIHC show so if you see him give him a hug he's a nice guy

Standfast nutttttttyyyyy rochester hardcore

Tension holly cow these guys are the best they keep getting better and better there nuts they have a new cd out on Sadistic Records which is a must have

Turmoil sick metal deep vocals and nutty gutair riffs there awesome live go and seem live
Undying insane's going from death metal to hardcore insane lycris aswell this sXe, vegan band from nc is gonna blow up soon
Voice Of Reason unreal cthc limtd info on them but the site has tones
WCF emo-core these guys are great there startin to blow up so look out for em
WhenAllElaseFails classic emo style, with lotsa of screamin and loud/soft dynamics

Who's To Blame one of the best bands on long island right now there shows are always the best with tons of pill-on's and sing a-longs you gotta see them live if u can

........With Bloond On Our Hands insane metal these guys are sick crazy vocs, sick beats and nutty pit action u gotta check em out

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