Outrage Interview

Q. So what's everyone's name, age, and what do they play?

A. Outrage is Larry 25 vocals. Me (Ron) 24 drums, Alex 24 Guitar, Mike 20 Guitar and Pete 25 Bass.

Q. What are your hobbies outside the band?

A. Our hobbies differ from person to person. I love to play video games, read, get tattooed and play with my daughter. The other guys range from things like dirtbiking to martial arts to drinking beer. The one thing we definitely have in comon is that we LOVE to play music!!!

Q. How long has the band been together?

A. The band formed originally in 1993 under the name Beginning Of The End.

Q. Since the start of the band has there been any x-members?

A. Yes, originally in '93 we had a guy named Eric on Vocals and Larry played Bass. We had a falling out with Eric and Larry picked up the mic. Then we changed the name to Outrage. Pete was always at practices ans shows helping with equipment and what-not (and he played a MEAN guitar), so it was pretty much understood that he'd step in on Bass. Back then we also had a different second guitarist Robbie. This guy is a fucking pisser!! He then had a baby, got married and really concentrated on doing the family thing. None of us can blame him for that. I know more than anybody the stresses of raising a kid and maintaining marriage. We went with just the four of us for a while, trying out this guy or playing for a short while with that one. Then in October, we met Mike ata show we played. He came to prctice and he just clicked with the diverse personality of the band and he's been fixture ever since..

Q. Is anyone in any side bands? if so what band?

A. At the moment, none of us even have time to wipe our ass let alone play for another band. I did play guitar with Capgun for a short while with Joe from Tension* and his brother Tommy and Dave from Kicked in The Balls. There is talk of a reunion.....

Q. Was anyone in a band before this one? if so what band?

A. I think Mike played for Man Down Alone for a short time, other than that we've been into this band full-time since we decided to form one.

Q. Where did the name of the band come from? and does it have a meaning or is it just a name?

A. Me and Larry played around with other names after Eric left because we didn't think it would be right to keep B.O.T.E. We had some really dumb ones, until Jon from Tension* mentioned the name Outrage and we thought, "Jesus why didn't we think of that? It is perfect." It is perfect because that's what we feel about alot of things. It is also the general topic of many of our songs. About the fucked up shit that is allowed to go on around all of us, about inner conflict, and about things that we can't do a damn thing about!!! Things that are enough to make anyone angry (or Outraged!!) if they gave themselves time to think about it.

Q.What's the best and worst show you guys have ever played?

A. The best show??? We've had a bunch, for best response, it had to be one of the old VFW shows in Medford on Long Island. There was a summer when there was a show going on there every weekend. It gave us a chance to get some out of state bands like Hatebreed, One 4 One, Tenfold and Fastbreak out here to play for some pretty well packed out shows. The place was small and almost every band that played had explosive sets. This was when everybody knew each other. Before all the egos got in the way. Before all of the fucking e-heads started popping pills and shoving shit up their noses. These shows were just pure fucking fun!!! The worst show? That's simple. We drove all the way up to Providence, Rhode Island to play Club Babyhead's. One thing you have to know about us. We love to Drink beer before during and after shows. So you have to understand that it was a long 6- hour trip because of traffic, so by the time the van got there, we were pretty well half in the bag. I don't really remember who we played with, but I think Tension* made this trip too. Anyway, by the time we got on to play (it ws pretty late because we kept getting pushed back) we were SHIT-FACED!!! Out of tune, sloppy, no energy. The few people who remained to hear a little unknown band by the name Outrage booed us right off stage!!! Might I mention that the ride home sucked just as bad!! You can't buy beer in some of those northeast states after 8:00!!

Q. What do you guys have out as of now?

A. Right now, we have out 3 demos and a couple of comps. Really nothing fancy or anything like that. As a matter of fact, we haven't put anything out in like three years. I guess you could say, we're making a comeback?

Q. How did you guys all find each other?

A. That's a funny story. You have to keep in mind that I had just graduated high-school and liked to do a lot of bad shit back then.... so me Alex and Keith (honorary Outrage member) were looking to buy a bag of some sticky green, and we stumbled across Robbie and Larry in their neighborhood. I had known Robbie from playing hockey and we got to talking about tattoos and such. Then he mentioned that he'd been playing guitar and he heard I played drums. He said we should get together sometime, I said " how about right now?" It was was a weekend night and my folks were gone, so Robbie, Larry, Alex and myself bought some colt .45 40's and set up shop in my basement and played cover songs all fucking night. From there on out, we made it a weekly ritual and started doing our own material. My basement became known as the "Creation Chamber" and the rest is history.

Q. Is there anything new in the works such as a 7inch or full length?

A. YEAH!! Right now we are putting the finishing touches on the songs that will be going on a new ep entitled "Disharmony Brings Harmony" It should be out in early 2000. Two old songs and many new ones like "Erasure" and "What A Tangled Web We Weave"

Q. Are any of u sXe, or vegan? if so for what reasons?

A. You know, this is a pretty funny question. I say this because the only people who ask me this are people who do interviews for this type of music. Has this become such an interwoven thread of the underground subculture?? Anyway, no I'm not straight edge, and if I was, I wouldn't call myself that because it's just another label people feel forced tolive up to. Do you know how many people I know who have that X shit tattooed to themselves and are now cracking beers or dropping e or whatever?? As far as vegetarianism is concerned, yes I am a vegetarian, ( none of the other guys are) and again, I don't advertise this to seek strength in numbers or to free the animals, because to tell you the truth, I couldn't give a shit about some cow in Montana. I do this strictly because animal products are just plain no good for you. I want my cardiovascular system at it's best and things like that just hinder it. Also, keep in mind that I studied and read exstensively on the subject and I know the benefits that such a diet can have on the human body..... * I am however addicted to nicotine which I have been for quite a few years so maybe everything I was just ranting about doesn't make a difference any way!!!

Q. Do you guys have any political views or something your guys fight for?

A. ummmm..... I'm probably the most politically angry out of all of us. I have to say this about the guys in my band. They live life to have fun and get the most out of that they can by enjoying the people around them. Not alot bothers these guys. Me on the other hand am pissed off about something almost all of the time. You know if you think about it... how much freedom do we really have anyway?? What effect do we have on the processes that go on around us. You can't even get the leaves picked up in front of your house that you raked up in fucking October (it's January now and their still there) without going through all sorts of bullshit. It doesn't matter that these can be a safety hazard or that they make the neighboorhood look like shit or that all that time me and my neighbors spent on working to make our homes look presentable is going to shit because it's all blowing back up on our lawns anyway. And this is all because some wealthy member of the lucky sperm club landed himself in a local town office and he needs to cut spending so that he can buy himself another sports utility vehicle. Why am I bitching about leaves and SUV's? This is because if you can't understand that shit like this goes on on the small scale, how can you see the stuff tht happens on the large one??? Keep this in mind.... all that adultering inbred fuck in the White House has to do is sign a piece of paper and it's all over for us peasants. Martial Law can go into effect, they can walk right into any of our houses , take our arms, seperate us from our families, take our houses EVERYTHING!!! And there isn't a goddamn thing we can do about it!!!! The more you think about it, the more you understand that we are in a land of Freedom? Why because we have shopping malls and credit cards and shit like that. People have put themselves into a catatonic stupor. As long as they have the Yankees or Senfeld to watch, everything is ok, right???

Q. If we look at your cd's, demos, etc what would we find?

A. I don't really understand what you mean. As far as I'm concerned, if you looked at our old stuff, you'd find that you're bored. By now, the sound has grown dry and can't compare to the new stuff we have that's not recorded yet. You'd find angry, heavy and even sometimes melodic music that you can definitely punch your mom out to.

Q. Have you played out of state yet? if so do you have any road stories?

A. Yeah, we've played quite a few shows up in the Northeast. I wish I could say we have some good road stories, but most of them don't have to do with music or anything. Donut fights between cars, the 65 mph bowl pass (stayed lit and didn't spill any!!), wet tampons getting stuck all over the van, and there was that time Larry had to take an immense piss and he did so out of the back window of a moving van onto the car behind us..... (BTY Mike, that wasn't stale beer!!!)

Q.If it weren't for the band what would you be doing now?

A. If it weren't fo the band, I'd probably be doing the same shit I do now. I'd still be in the basement playing my drums, I guess I'd just be doing it alone. I'd still be getting up and working 55- 65 hour weeks. I'd still be playing with my kid, fighting with my wife, etc. I guess the only thing that would be different is that I wouldn't have the cool memories or the comraderie with these guys that I have now. Anybody who is in a band will tell you that these guys turn into your second family and you grow very close (or apart).

Q. Where do you see ur self in 40yrs

A. In 40 years, I'll be 64. I'll probably be dead.......

Q. Ok am out of questions gotta any closing statements sayem?

A. Closing Statements? Thanks to you for doing this interview with us..... and oh yeah, buy our stuff and come to our shows!!!!!

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