Redline Interview

this interview was done with kenny of redline

Q. what's the name of ur band and where did it come from?

KENNY: Im really not sure where it came from. It really dosent have a meaning. i think a name is just a name. its the music that matters

Q. was there another name before this one and if so what? and why the change?

KENNY: i think they were thinking of using one man down but they didnt because of one king down. so i guess redline just stuck

Q.who's in the band and what do they do?

KENNY : Redline is J.J. (sings) Mike (guitar) Rob (guitar) John (bass) and myself on drums anyone in any side bands?

Kenny: No. i think even if we wanted to we couldnt. we all work (well most of us ) and were all in school right now so we dont have much time for side projects. Ive had opprtunities to go on tour with comin correct and ive turned it down.

Q.are any of you x-members of a band and if so what band/s?

Kenny: nope I played a few shows wit comin correct but thats about it long have you guys been together?

Kenny: redline has been together for almost 3 years . it started out just JJ Mike Scott and a bass player. tafter a year of fuckin around they recorded a demo and started playin shows. Me and Rob saw the play at a show and they were lookin for a giutarist. he called them and it somehow worked out that i was playin drums and their drummer scott would play bass. so after like 2 weeks of practicing we started playin shows. we havent stopped since

Q.since the start has there been any x-members?

KEENY:scott has recently left the band . he wasnt into anymore he had a job that was important to him and redline wasnt payin the bills for him . i guess he just got sick of it.

Q. are any of u sXe, or vegan? if so for what reasons?

KENNY: No. J.J dosent drink really but in no way is he stright edge. SxE is just a label i mean my mom doesnt smoke weed or drink and shes not labeling herself as striaght edge. so i dont see the piont

Q. Have you guys played any out of state shows?

Kenny: yeah I think you really have to . if you keep playin the same places people get sick of you.right niow were tryin to play as many out of state shows as possible. i love goin to new places. but no matter were weve gone im alway glad to come home. there is nowhere else id rather live then NJ.

Q.If so do u have any road stories?

not really jsut the usaully having sex wit my gril in a room full of passed out people, getting lost , gettin drunk and fuckin with whoever falls asleep first , nothin to great. One time mike had to shit and we were on the road . so we pulled over and he shit in the woods. i could never do somthin like that ,. he just didnt give a fuck . he had to wipe his ass with an old t shirt . that was funny

Q.WHATS the best/worst show so far?

Weve had a lot of good shows . it usually turns out when we think a show is gonna suck it turns out really good. and if we think a show is gonna be good it turns out to suck. the best shows were probly the metal fest because playin on that big ass stage infrony of that many kids is like a dream come true, and playing at the lynhurst american legion is fun too. at lyndhurst it just all our friends and our friends bands. we have a good time no fights just alot of dancing alot of fun. the worst shows are the shows that you drive 3 hours to get there only to play infront of 5 kids and get no gas money ( even though you had an $80 garentte)

Q.WHATS your fav place to play live?

Kenny:like i siad before probly in lyndhurst nj

Q.What bands do u like to do a show with?

Kenny: i love to play with Dysphoria. those are the nicest guys we always have a good time with them . aslo Nj Bloodline and Sworn Enemy , wreak from NJBL and sal from Sworn Enemy come up and sing a song wit us so thats always alot of fun

Q.What does everyone do outside of the band?

Kenny: Work and go to school. redline does not pay the bills so we need to work . and my our jobs suck so we gotta go to college to get better ones that just how it is

Q.How did u all meet?

Kenny: JJ Mike and Scott went to scholl together, Me Nd rob have been friend for ever and we meet them at a show and john i seen at my work a few times. he saw our as on the echc page and email me . so that s that

Q.What bands do you support?

Kenny: personaly i like to support the smaller bands . bands like NJBL, Sworn Enemy, Restitution. bands that appreciate our help . Bands like VOD and Earth Crisis they really dont need our help. they already have a huge following

Q.Do you guys have any political views or something your guys fight for?

Kenny: no not really, were not into that stuff . redline does two things play music and work hard

Q. What do u guys have out as of now?

Kenny; well the demo is out of print so thats done with. but we just realeased a full legnth called "Moments of Truth " out on Spill the Blood Records

Q.Do you have anything in the works?

Kenny: just stickers t shirts ya know stuff like that

Q.Are u signed?

Kenny:well were wotking with spill the blood right now, there paying for the pressings. there also doin our distro over in germany. so thats cool. Noone really helped us befor eso were greatful for whatever they do for us

Q. Where do u see yourselves in 40yrs?

Kenny; wow 40 years id be 61 . i see myself with money a wif e and a kid livin in a nice ass house with a sports car . id still be playin drums probly like some jazz, funk kinda stuff. id be old thats a scary thought

Q.if it werent for the band what would you be doing now?

Kenny: honestly id be lost. Music is a huge part of my life. theres times when i put it before work school my girlfriend and my family. its been a dream of mine for as long as i can remember. i dont know what i would do without it

Q. k i think thats it am out of questions....if u got any closing statements sayem?

i wanna thank you for the inerview. i wanna give shout outs to Sworn enemy Nj Bloodline pete from spill the blood , all our friends that go to our shows and everyone who bought a cd got us a show or shouted us out. and last but not least my girl sarah . peace

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