Life Sentence
Life is jail, I'm doing time. But for what I've done no crime. All this shit was done to me. There's only one way to set myself free. Here in life without a reason, this ain't fun, this is treasson. Look in the mnirror my stomach gets sick, look at the clock and her time s endless tick. Trapped behind these bars of hate, no patients for an endless wait. Craving wounds into my skin, to kill myself would be a sin. What have I done wrong? Why is life so funking long. Nothing turns out right. So why should I even try. Everthing I do turns out the same, it's always me who bows my head in shame. All through life I played the fool , drowning in the living pool. Just for once I'd like tow in, yeah I know that these chances are slim. Through this mess I try pray hoping my life might change one day. No one around to hear me call, no one around to break my fall. My smile is fake, I can't pretend cause I'm the one who lost again.

Made To Suffer
Minutes seem like hours, hours seem like years. This room is filled with people, and they shed their tears. You're the one who's crying but I'm the one in pain .I 'm pounding on the walls in a room inside my brain. Plugs shoved up my nose, in my veins a hose. Machines control my breath. THIS IS WORSE THEAN DEATH. I'm not the one I used to be, I'm a shell, a corpse, I'm not me. I'm brain dead, you'd rather see me suffer instead. Sooner or later you'll forget that I'm lying here, and I'll wait foreve, lifelss in my head.

Torn Apart
Fear in my eyes and I can't look ahead. Will Jesus Christ forgive me for this waste of life I've lead? I don't think he will I've still got time to kill. Will there ever be a day when all this pain is washed away? Why am I here, is there a reason? Do I serve a purpose or is it all worthless? A battle never won, this burden weighs a ton. Why can't I see clearly, what the fuck is wrong with me? Slowly I'm dying from manic depression inside I'm crying out tears of aggression. The pain is so intense, if rips me apart, anger and hate is all that's left in my heart. I FEEL SO TORN APART.

Fear of Livin

Why does my life feel so wrong? Why do I feel hate so strong? Why do I go thorough such stress? Life in my eyes is such a mess. I'm stuck in a hole, there's no way out. And it only gets deeper, without a doubt. I'm trapped in my feelings, just like a maze. And all you can say is, its just a phase. I've felt like this through all my years. Through all the paon and all the tears. Why do I go through such stress, life in my eyes is such a mess. Even though the pain never felt so strong. I've always tried to tell myself that I was wrong. I tried to shut it out. I tried to keep it in. I never let it out. Confused it as a sin. I tried to end my life, I didn't have the guts, voices in my head made me feel like I was nuts. Problems always there, they never go away, always running sacre.....CAN'T FACE ANOTHER DAY.

The End
I see it everyday, I watch my friends all rot away. They think it's cool, they think it's fun. They're all dying one by one. What the fuck is wrong with them, they know what it's like to lose a friend. Every week someone O.D.'s, they got no money so they get down on their knees. No one learns till their life ends. For that shit, friends kill friends. Go fuck yourself if you don't like what I say, gonna lose you in the long run anyway CRAK, COCAINE & HEROIN. Borrow money, smoking crack. Die too young from a heart attack. Smoking, snoting heroin. Gone and stuck the needle in. No one thinks it'll happen to them. Your time is soon, there's no telling when. Hear the pain in mother's cries feels so helpess as her child dies. When the fcuk are you gonna wise up? When you're dead and gone is when you'll wake up. But by then it's much too late. You're gonna die cause that's your late. If you think this song;s about you face that the facts it's proably true. If you're hurt, good. I meant to offend. Cause it hurts more to lose a friend