Interview with.....With Blood On Our Hands NJ

This Interview was done over the internet with the band .....with blood on our hands...they are from nj...and play a sick metal style of music with lots of breakdows...

Q. what is the name of ur band and where did it come from?

alex-...with blood on our hands. I like All Out War a lot so I was reading lyrics from different bands when we needed a name, so it sounded right, and fit our music well.

Q. who(names and ages) is in the band and what do they do?

alex-Me (Alex)- 16 and play guitar. Dale is almost 18 and sings. Jim is almost 17 and he plays drums, and Joe is the other guitar player and he's 18.

Q. what is the deal with your basset why the change?

alex-We had a few problems with Jaret, so he's no longer in the band. We still love him though.

Q. are there any x-members besides him?

alex-When ...wbooh first started out in August of '99, just fucking around in my basement, a lot of people were jamming with us. But since the lineup of the band became solid, Jaret's the only ex-member.

Q.where did you all meet and decided that you wanted to start a band?

alex-I met Dale because I was looking for a singer, and then we needed a drummer, so he knew Jim from a band they used to be in a while ago. After a few months of our line-up, we got Joe as a second guitarist, who we all knew for a while.

Q. what does it mean to be a part of a band?

alex-I just like to play music that I would listen to.

Q. what does everyone do outside of the band?

alex-Me and Jim are still in high school, Joe's in college, and Dale's off. We all work, but as far as hobbies go, we like going to shows, listening to music, watching movies, especially porn. ...wbooh is all about the porn.

Q. where any of u in bands before this one?

alex- was in a band called Palehorse, and he was in another band before that with Jim called AKA, and Joe is in Third Degree right now also.

Q. what do you guys have anything out such as demo, shirts, stickers etc...?

alex- We got a small 4-song demo right now, that's all. We're getting all the other merchandise real soon, hopefully. Write to one of us if you want a tape.

Q. on your next relase ideally would you guys want to go right too a cd or would you want to do a 7in or another demo?

alex- I was thinking it would be cool to find another band the same style as us, and do a limited edition 7", and another demo with more songs real soon, which we're going to be putting out. But as far as a CD goes, I don't see us making one for a little while.

do you guys think you are getting recongition throughout the nj area or just your area ?

alex- Well we're still new and we haven't played a lot of bigger shows yet, but I think that so far we have got the recognition we deserve from what we played. Every show we played, there was always at least a few kids dancing, and we always get new people to hear us and like us. But, we haven't played out of state yet.

Q. what bands do you enjoy to play live with?

alex-A lot...Third Degree, Behind the Shadow, Davidsburning, NEC, Point Being, Burden of Truth

Q. have you had any shows that standout and one that you wish you could have never played?

alex-All of our shows usually get a good response, and we haven't had one REALLY INSANE show, or one REALLY SHITTY show. Everything we played so far has been good enough, and we got something out of.

Q. what would we find in your record/cd/music collection?

alex- All Out War, Morning Again, Irate, Metallica, God Forbid, lots of Swedish death metal like At The Gates, Carcass, Arch Enemy, Sins of Omission, and all this other crazy shit.

Q. are any of you sXe or vegan and if so why?

alex- None of us preach it, but we're all straight edge, and I don't think any of us are vegan.

Q. do you guys have any political views or something you fight for?

alex-Not really, we're pretty straight forward and sing about simple subjects. It's cool when bands preach stuff, but if I wanna hear preaching, I'll turn on the news, but I want my metal and hardcore raw.

Q. aight am out of any closen statements?

alex- Thanks for the interview James. If you like hardcore/metal, then check us out.

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