When Grey Skies Fall Interview

Q. What's the name of our band and where did it come from?

We are known as When Grey Skies Fall and it came from Davey. The name sounds really great and promising not to mention that it has a deep personal meaning for all of us. All of us have had our share of rough times and When Grey Skies Fall is sort of a rememberance that it will only get better. It has some religious undertones and as a band we all decided that a name as strong and dominant as When Grey Skies Fall would benefit us and tell people a little about us.

Q.was there another name before this one and if so what? and why the change?

A.We had a discrepency on how we wanted to present our name. We had When Grey Skies End, When Gray Skies Fall, Grey.Skies.Fall. and eventually we all decided on one name with one spelling

Q.who's in the band and what do they do?

A. Davey: vocals (screaming). Jason:vocals(emo). Josh: Guitar. Bryan: Guitar. Brian:Bass. and Shuji:drums.

Q.is anyone in any side bands?

A. Brian and Bryan are both in a band with some other friends of ours, they are called Cadence.

Q.Are any of you x-members of a band and if so what band/s?

A. Davey was in some bands in South Carolina. Josh was in Uncle Sam and Jason was in Discontinued for about a week. Discontinued are now called Pull-130 and have a cd out.

Q.how long have you guys been together?

A. for a short period of time about 3 months.

Q.Since the start has there been any x-members?

A. NOPE well sorta one kid who played bass for our first practice but i don't know if he is considered an x-member

Q.are any of u sXe, or vegan? if so for what reasons?

A.we are all sXe except for Shuji. none of us are vegan. those that are, are sXe because we dont believe in harming our own bodies and we all disagree with the things that drugs and alcohol promote.

Q.have you guys played any out of state shows?

A. we have not played any shows outside of New Jersey yet, but over the summer we plan to play some shows in South Carolina and Florida.

Q. What's the best/worst show so far?

A> We have not played any shows as of yet but in January we have a lot of shows that we will be playing with some pretty great bands. We will also be playing our Battle of the Bands, considering our school is so rich in music we think it maybe a pretty good competition. And we will also be putting on a show soon with hopefully Glasseater, Forever and a Day, Davidsburn, and Thursday that is still tentative.

Q.what does everyone do outside of the band?

A. Dave is on the wrestling team and many clubs at school. Bryan is on the track team and plays with Cadence when they practice. Hunt plays soccer and now is up to school work (we say that because we don't know for sure.) Jason works at a nursing home, writes for punkmusic.com and buys way to many cds. Josh plays lacrosse, works at CVS, and is a representative for the Interact club. Shuji, well Shuji is always up to know good, and too keep this interview clean we will not say what he does. And we all like to Snowboard.

Q.How did u all meet?

A. We have all know each other for a while by going to shows and through school. Dave and Bryan moved from South Carolina and brought with them a greater knowledge for emo, hardcore, and emo-core. Josh and Dave were the ones that started the band by taking the initiative. And one weekend we all got together, played and we all agreed that we had something working for us, the rest is history.

Q.what bands do you support?

A. we all have a wide variety of music influences that we bring to the table. to name a few: grade, boysetsfire. zao, hopesfall, stretch armstrong, ensign, saves the day, kid dynamite, juliana theory and many emo, emo-core and hardcore bands.

Q. do you guys have any political views or something your guys fight for?

A. we all have the same beliefs and principals in our everyday lives. we all believe in equality and we all try our hardest through our music and our words to fight against racism, fascism, sexism, and a corporate run society. we do belief in d.i.y. and the fact that all people should take initiative in doing something instead of waiting for the ban-wagon.

Q. What do u guys have out as of now ?

A. we don't have out anything currently. we are working on a 5 song demo that will come out in mid January. we have stickers so far and shirts along with other merch is on its way out soon.

Q.do you have anything in the works?

A. we have our demo that is coming out and we will be putting out an cd soon hopefully. we are also in the works of getting on a few compilations, one with lifetime records and we are also talking to some other bands we are friends with to get onto a reputable record label.

Q. where do u see urselfs in 40yrs?

A. we will all probably be corporate but still close and hopefully into this music.

Q.If it weren't for the band what would you be doing now?

A. we would all be complaining about how we are not in a band.

Q. K i think that's it am out of questions....if u got any closing statements sayem?

A. Come out and support us when you can.

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