Interview with Who's To Blame

This interview was done over the internet with the band WHO'S TO BLAME a great band from long island...not only is there music sick but there great people and very open-mind and thier all about the scene and not money... Q. so how did all of u meet? A. Scott-MET FRAN IN SOME WEIRD GIRLS BACKYARD LAST SUMMER...WE PATROLED THE SUNRISE MALL FOR A BASS PLAYER--I SEEN A KID WITH A sXe SHIRT ON SO I ASKED HIM IF HE KNEW ANY BASS PLAYERS--LOW AND BEHOLD-HE PLAYED BASS(MIKE)---WE FOUND JAMES THROUGH A BAGEL STORE IN SEAFORD Q. what is the current line up? A.Scott-FRAN-VOCALS JAMES-DRUMS MIKE BASS- SCOTT-GUITARS Q. are there any past members? A. Scott-2 MANY PAST MEMBERS TO LIST Q. what is ur fav place to play live? A.Scott-WE LOVE DEJA ONE...OH WAIT...NO ONE WILL BOOK US THERE...SORRY A. Fran-kule beenz or the voodoo lounge, anywhere, as long as there is a crowd into the music Q. what bands do u like playing live with? A. Scott-WE LIKE PLAYIN WITH ANY BANDS WE CAN POSSIBLY GET THE CHANCE TO PLAY WITH A. Fran-we love to play with everyone...i think the best show we had though was with converge, buried alive, the glassjaw and god forbid. Q. how did u come up with the band name and is there any meaning behind it? A.Scott-THE MEANING BEHIND THE BAND NAME IS THE FACT THAT EVERYTHING THAT COULD EVER POSSIBLY GO WRONG FOR US...DOES...AND WERE ALWAYS WONDERING WHO THE FUCK IS TO BLAME Q. is there a message in ur songs and if so what? A. Scott-THERES SO MANY MESSAGES IN OUR SONGS THAT I DONT NO HOW TO EXPLAIN IT...HEHE...SO BUY THE CD A. Fran-the lyrics i write are mostly about the oppression of graffiti art, the mistreatment of the native americans and addictions to drugs and alcohol. alot of lyrics i write are personal. Q. what's in the 7in, full length, patchs,etc...? A. Scott-WERE STARTING A 6 SONG CD THIS WEEK SO ITLL BE OUT SOON HOPEFULLY A. Fran-we are recording a cd, it will be out by the end of oct. we also just recently got shirts Q. what do u guys have out as of now? A. Scott-SO FAR WE JUST HAVE 3 SONG DEMOS OUT Q. what are ur hobbies out side of the band? A. Scott-HOBBIES...HMMM....WE DONT DO MUCH--ONLY HALF US WORK..I DONT KNOW WHAT THE FUCK THE OTHER 2 DO ALL DAY...HOBBIES...GRAFFITI IS FRANS FORTE--JAMES LIKES BEING A THUG=MIKE--HEHE--HES A GRAPHIC ARTIST OR SOMETHIN=AND I DONT DO ANYTHING Q. is anyone in any side bands? A. Scott-JAMES PLAYS IN A BAR BAND AND A HIPPIE COVER BAND---I THINK FRAN WAS FORMING SOME KIND OF JOAN JETT TRIBUTE BAND OR SOMETHIN..HEHE.. Q. was anyone in any bands before this one? A. Scott-WE WERE ALL IN BANDS BEFORE THIS BUT I DONT THINK ANYONE WANTS TO MENTION WHO---SORRY--ASK US IN PERSON Q. any closing statements? A. Scott-CLOSING STATEMENTS....LETS BRING BACK HARDCORE---SUPPORT LOCAL BANDS-SUPPORT LOCAL SHOWS---THANX-PEACE A. Fran-i think we are the most misunderstood band in history. You can contact Scott at: here or Fran at: here

or u can just go to there site WHO'S TO BLAME SITE